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DecenterX – Real Estate Fractional Investment Blockchain

Real estate for everybody

You sure noticed it. Last year, the savings rate halved. Savers received on average only about 0.5% interest. And the future does not look good in this area. With these...     Read More
DecenterX – Decentralized Finance

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) The buzzword of 2020. Interest is growing exponentially. Is that good for blockchain, or is it the next bubble after the ICO hype of 2017? You may...     Read More

Blockchain, future of insurance

Blockchain, future of insurance? How? The purpose of non-life insurance is to indemnify an insured person after the occurrence of an insured risk. No more and no less. You insure...     Read More
DecenterX – Fan Token

Football clubs discover the blockchain

Good news for all football and crypto lovers. Clubs, including Paris Saint Germain and Juventus, have announced the launch of their own digital coin (Fan Token). A blockchain-based coin, intended...     Read More

Earn money with social media?

All social media companies today are looking at blockchain technology. This week, “LINE“, one of the world’s most popular message apps with more than 200 million active users, came out...     Read More
DecenterX – Blockchain in het onderwijs

Blockchain in education

“Past performance is no guarantee of future performance”. This is a widely used statement. And of course not without reason. However, for pupils, students, applicants, employees and, of course, potential...     Read More
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