Hoe maar naar huis – Privé Blockchain-Technologie | Buy a house? How to get home – It has become almost impossible for many. The prices have exploded and the chance that you as a starter can buy something today is small. So far I’m not telling any news…

Yet there is news. There are currently a number of initiatives to enable alternative financing of real estate. And according to Statistics Netherlands, that will increase in the coming years. Traditional financial institutions are also looking at new ways in which several parties can provide loans jointly. New opportunities for potential home buyers and real estate developers.

One of the initiatives in the field of Mortgage Crowfunding is Jungo. After taking the necessary legal hurdle, the company and Achmea started energetically in 2018 with the first mortgages, 20% funded by private individuals and 80% by Achmea. The consumer association called it ‘a well-crafted concept’. Unfortunately, Jungo had to suspend its activities after ACHMEA pulled out. Wasn’t the time (yet) quite ripe?

I often see good ideas in the core first going through a number of ‘failure phases’. Sometimes there is no future, but sometimes the idea comes back stronger and better. I myself am involved in a number of initiatives that look at crowdfunding for professional parties. Parties that want to jointly finance real estate and want to work together safely and in a controlled manner.

Blockchain Technology Automation

Trust is important in collaboration. That is exactly where Blockchain comes into the picture. With blockchain technology, we automate that trust so that all parties have the same information on the basis of equality. Professional Crowdfunding based on full transparency, verifiability and absolute secure and immutable recording of data. With Hyperledger Private Blockchain technology, we help to set up processes more securely and to make services more reliable. As a result, there is never any hassle afterwards, but parties know exactly where they stand. With this technology we are able to build an environment where parties including the notary, the bank, fund and home buyer have access to the same information.

I am convinced that this type of financing will be commonplace in a few years’ time. They are still in their infancy, but are already being used worldwide and the possibilities are endless.

If you would like to discuss the possibilities of private blockchain technology with me or one of my colleagues, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Erwin Giesbers

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