We have the ideas to help your company move forward. Innovation and optimisation of business processes start with your concepts and the right partner to develop your ideas into desired software and applications. Perhaps you want your users to use a mobile application. Or your business processes to be optimised. Maybe you want to work better with partners by using new software.

software development

You need a tailor-made solution for your desired software or application. The DecenterX team always starts by understanding your business. In this way we can draw up the wishes and requirements of the needed software and ensure that the end result is known from the front. There are many reasons for software development. An approach that provides you with all the necessary care and guarantees is important for the continuity of your business and aprocesses. An agreed time-to-market, a development according to your wishes and requirements and a result that is developed within the agreed budget. That is why you want to work with us. Having your application and software developed is tailor-made! This allows you to optimise your business processes, improve your conversion or innovate in your market.


When you think about renewing or upgrading your software, DecenterX is the right partner for you. We find it important that you know in advance the costs and the schedule for the development proces. We guarantee that the project remains within the agreed budget and is implemented according the schedule.

To realise this a dedicated team is constructed that can translate your wishes into the right development steps. We help you to improve your software and therefore your business.