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In addition to blockchain development, innovation, advice and consultancy, DecenterX also focuses on delivering blockchain projects. Our blockchain professionals implement blockchain solutions within your organization based on predefined technical and functional designs. Based on these designs projects are defined for the implementation of the solution.

A team of blockchain specialists implements your solution according to a clear, predefined plan. Only when the added value is visible we will start the project.

We have helped several companies with the implementation of blockchain solutions where the emphasis is on quality, timely delivery, good management capabilities and no afterward suprises.



  • Blockchain solution at a part of the police department for camera security.
  • Loyalty system in the blockchain for a healthcare provider.
  • Hyperledger blockchain for a transportation problem by a new way of service offering.
  • Research for storing certificates and diplomas in the blockchain for an educational institution.
  • Fractional selling and trading of real estate through the blockchain.


If you would like to know more about our methods we use in blockchain projects or a detailed explanation of implemented projects, please contact us for more information.

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