At DecenterX we are extremely enthusiastic about all the possibilities that the blockchain offers. It is nog without reason that we are called “The Blockchain Company”. And, we have been there for several years. After we started in 2013 with decentralised systems and open source solutions, we have focused our knowledge on the blockchain in recent years. We have started sharing this knowledge with the main goal of optimizing processes with blockchain technology.

job opportunities

DecenterX has professionals with specialist blockchain knowledge.

DecenterX is the right address for you to have your smart contracts created or reviewed. We are used to working pragmatically and can help you from the first exploration to bringing your application live. Our blockchain architects conduct research into the possibilities of writing a blockchain white paper for you. Then we bring it into the so-called proof of concept phase. To check whether everything meets the desired specifications. We use HyperLedger in the construction of blockchain solutions. Build, test and deliver!

Trustbrix 2014 , first decentralized blockchain solution