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With blockchain technology a new era has begun in the world of automation. This will bring about major changes in the primary processes and operations. Perhaps you have already wondered why the blockchain is seen as the most important development of the coming years. What is going to happen? Do I need a masterclass about this new technology?



This practical masterclass takes you into the world of blockchain and helps you to determine the impact of the blockchain. The theory and case studies will help you learn how to apply blockchain. You think about the right strategy and learn which steps you take to successfully implement the blockchain.


For Whom

Directors and Senior Management
No basic knowledge required for attending this Masterclass.
Some affinity with IT is pleasant but not necessary.



  • Explanation blockchain technology and smart contracts
  • Impact on public authorities, enterprises, and education
  • Concrete blockchain examples and value propositions
  • Legal framework (legislative and regulatory framework)
  • Socio-economic social perspective
  • Vision, mission, and strategy



Duration: 1 day (9.30 pm – 16.00 am)
Location: Herengracht 420 Amsterdam

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