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DecenterX, the Blockchain Company

DecenterX uses Hyperledger, a shared and immutable open source Blockchain technology that can only be accessed by users with permission. Network participants determine what information each organization or user can see and what actions each can take. Blockchain is sometimes referred to as a “trustless” network – not because partners don’t trust each other, but simply because they don’t need to.

The main benefits for your organization are

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Let's transform the world together.


We look at your ideas about your business processes with our blockchain knowledge. Do you want to use blockchain technology?


Innovating with robust blockchain technology results in successful initiatives and we are happy to tell you about the many possibilities for your business.



We develop software and applications within budget and completely according to plan! This way you get the desired added value for your organization.

About Us

DecenterX Professional Blockchain Specialist

At DecenterX we are extremely enthusiastic about all the possibilities that the blockchain offers. It is nog without reason that we are called “The Blockchain Company”. And, we have been there for several years. After we started in 2013 with decentralised systems and open source solutions, we have focused our knowledge on the blockchain in recent years. We have started sharing this knowledge with the main goal of optimizing processes with blockchain technology.
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