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Blockchain in education

Blockchain in education

“Past performance is no guarantee of future performance”. This is a widely used statement. And of course not without reason. However, for pupils, students, applicants, employees and, of course, potential employers, it is very important that the results achieved in the past are recorded in a verifiable manner. Blockchain technology is going to change education.

In education, many processes are based on the exchange of data. The diplomas and certificates of prior education obtained are administratively transferred between education institutes. Diplomas and certificates are offered with applications and employers must be able to check them for validity. These are all scenarios in which blockchain technology can simplify the processes and guarantee the reliability of the data and the results achieved.

In recent months, DecenterX has started to register certificates and diplomas in the blockchain with parties in the education sector, so that the parties involved can ensure that the diploma is not fraudulent. It is digital, cannot be changed and is stored forever in a distributed ledger that is shared at the request of the owner. Because, of course, a student remains the owner of his or her results and the student decides when a third party can see them. But discussion about the existence or authenticity belongs to the past.

In February 2018, we also started working on a reliable and simple system for transporting a student’s portfolio from one school to another. This saves a lot of time and money and virtually eliminates the risk of loss. In the near future, blockchain technology will also enable us to easily exchange supply and demand for knowledge. In the most ideal situation, lectures and examinations taken can be registered and automatically combined into a ‘new style’ diploma via smart contracts.  Are we a long way off? We do not believe so. The education sector is going to change anyway by blockchain solutions and this is perhaps going faster than we think.

If you are interested in talking about the possibilities without obligation, please do not hesitate to contact us.